Issue 1:1 (summer 2008)



The Future is Here by Ziyad Kadir / go back to First Issue

Together we stand, divide we fall
We came together to stand up tall
To step forward and to never fall
Its time to pick up our mothers call
To bring freedom for us and all

We are here to stay and not to go down
We’re young kids but mentally grown
We humble kids to not to be slowdown
New born Oromia is on the count down

The key is in our hand, it’s up to us to start
It’s all over; now no man can divide as apart
We know where we goin we drew it like piece art

We all about love, you’ll never see division
“O” Love is the only thing in our vision
Seeing oromia free is our ultimate mission
We can see it coming thru our big vision

Come OROMO join us and be a part of the history
Help us erase the old and write the true Oromo history
Only thru togetherness that we can see oromia free

Be ready, physically and mentally to see oromia free
To be with the first Abba Gadaa under Odaa tree
I am out my people and oromia shall be free!!!


Ziyad Kadir was born in Abomsa, Oromia. He is currently a undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota, Duluth where he studies Mechanical Engineering. He likes to write poems, songs and short plays