Issue 1:1 (summer 2008)



I Represent by Hana Tesfaye-Berhanu / go back to First Issue

I represent a generation
A nation that has forgotten where—
Caught up in who, what, when
Forgotten to ask,
Forgotten to ask, why?
I represent the American Dream
The dream that has shattered the Mothers Land

I represent the baby girl yearning for her mother’s bosom
The baby boy seeking the comfort of his father.
I represent the young lady searching for her worth—
The woman who has forgotten.
I represent the young man blinded by his past-
The man enslaved in his present, his future.

I represent the grandmother who has plowed, gathered
Planted a seed that continues to grow—
Grow within.
I represent the mother with the husband
Tears of broken promises—
Silent conversations of love.
I represent the father with the daughters
Their voices so sweet
Their tongue so bitter.

I represent the skipped beat after the first kiss
First time in May
First touch
I represent forgiveness.

I represent Peace of Mind
Joyful Thinking
I represent love given through blood and tears.
I represent the one who made and molded
Him and Her
Me, You, Us, and We.
I represent the cross-
The ONE who died-
Continues to live.
I represent life given to live.
* Nayaadii


Hana Tesfaye-Berhanu was born in Nekemte, and moved to the United States at the age of five in 1990.  She is a 2007 graduate of Hamline University where she majored in English and minored in Education and Communication Studies. She has a passion of working with the youth and looks forward to becoming a teacher. She currently resides in the Twin Cities of Minnesota and is happily married to Ebassa Berhanu. In addition to this poem, she has also written an autobiographical essay for our first issue of Ogina called “Identity.”