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Abdii Nuressa:

Abdi Nuressa

Abdi Nuressa is a recording artist who was born in Jaanoo, Oromia. When he was 2 months old his parents moved to Finfinnee, and now Abdi resides in Virginia. He released his first album Irree Aadaa in July 2009, and he is working to release another album in the future. He has been a member of the Lenchaa soccer team in the Oromo League for the past 9 years.

Maya Tessema is a legal assistant working and living in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  She began participating in the creation of Ogina zine through work in the Arts and Culture Committee of the International Oromo Youth Association.

Siyade Gemechisa is a media activist living in Baltimore, Maryland.  She has worked throughout the United States and abroad with communities to discuss media ownership issues as well as teaching about, building and creating independent media.  She currently works at Johns Hopkins University as an Instructional Technologist.